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Coolangatta YHA - Kirra Beach, Gold Coast

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Customer reviews of Coolangatta YHA - Kirra Beach, Gold Coast

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Andrew F 16/05/2021
close to airport and beach and buses bit of noise due to highway. nice walk to coolangata along the beach. good place to stay
kris m 13/05/2021
The room was barely clean albeit having only one other guest (who occupied 3 beds and had his clothes all over the room). The two handicapped toilets were blocked for the 2 days I was there. Something to be aware of, the hostel is next to the airport and highway with little sound insulation.
Etienne D 10/05/2021
Apparently late April ~ early May is part of the slow season, so long-term people, not backpackers, can stay ad infinitum. Some of the men were actually rude to others (including me). Probably they meant no harm, but had never learnt social skills. Most of the 'guests' had no interest in travel or visiting places in the GC area. The tables in the dining area were sticky with some sort of residue; food or spilt drinks or something. The sofas in the TV area were filthy. I took a plastic chair
Jeanette M 05/05/2021
Fine, user friendly, well organised and great facilities, which I did not use much.
Simon M 03/05/2021
Adryan was absolutely wonderful. He was so helpful when I needed help finding my phone. Thanks a million!!!!
Kathryn G 02/05/2021
Your hostel is one of my favorites because I love the surf atmosphere and the staff are super friendly and helpful. However our room was too noisy for sleeping well during this stay. You should complain to the airport as those night time noise levels are surely not legal.
Kristy H 01/05/2021
people are really friendly.
Song L 29/04/2021
Fantastic place to stay to chill out at the YHA or on the beach just across the road, most guests are very friendly so be prepared to engage in conversation with spontaneous fellow guests John 28/04/21
John K 28/04/2021
The staff are warm,welcoming with a friendly smile. They are very helpful,efficient with superb customer service. Spacious dorm room,fans with lockers that have charger access built in for security. The rooms are cleaned daily. A lovely clean pool Togo for a dip, pool table, table tennis & arcade games for free. Many comfortable common areas to enjoy & relax. The kitchen is very clean with all the appliances you will need. The chef serves up some wonderful family meals. Close to airport & beach
Suzi M 28/04/2021

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